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  Constitution Party Nominee Acceptance Speech  CSPAN  April 18, 2016 11:21pm-12:11am EDT

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to we agree? we love it new york values. give metell my people, some current information on the economy of buffalo. do not get scared and do not -- feel guilty. it is not your fault. it is politicians representing all of us who have no clue. totally incompetent. these are people that represent us at the highest level including the president of the united states and look at what has happened here. listen to this. do not get discouraged. i am telling you, we're bring it back fast. you watch that happens. we're not making bad trade deals. will and the nonsense and bring jobs back to the united states and that includes a flow. that includes buffalo. buffalo has been hammered by our
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trade policies. few cities in america have taken a harder hit. we know that. i know that. i live -- like, i'm here all the time. i have great friends here michelle.rex and according to the united states bureau of labor statistics, buffalo has lost more than half of its jobs. nafta, pricing racingatives asians, -- manipulations -- pricing manipulations. nearly 40% of buffalo lost jobs have occurred since 2001. do not worry. new york state has lost the out of four of its manufacturing jobs since the 1960's. three out of four. so folks, look, here is what is
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happening. we are making horrible deals. we are people who do not know what they are doing. companies are moving to mexico and every place else. by the nafta, which is way, a clinton deal and as you know, bill clinton was married to crooked hillary clinton. you know that, right? you know that. a total nafta has been a disaster. now we have a new one coming up, transpacific partnership. it is going to make nafta look like peanuts. we are going to cut it out. we're going to stop it. it will be detrimental as hell to the people up there and all of the people in united states lyingther way, ted cruz, ted cruz, lying ted.
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one of the great liars of all time. ted. how are y doing with trump? we winning, winning, winning. and then you see him on stage. i am up to million votes. something like that. 2 million votes. how are you doing with trump? i am doing great. tomorrow is a big day, tomorrow we're going to show ted cruz, who hates new york, hates new york. when you look at that debate and you see the way he talked about us and new york values, here is a man that turned down standing money for this state and plenty of other money. we had lots of things coming votedew york that he against. no new yorker can vote for ted cruz and no new yorker can vote for john kasich when he was the one who approved nafta.
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he voted in favor of nafta, which has been a disaster for your state and this country. a total disaster. so with all of that being said, tomorrow get out and vote. we have got to vote. we have got to vote and you know, ted cruz's way, way down in the balls. in john kasich is not even sort of showing up. 1 432 and he is the governor of that state and if i had spent another two days, i think i would've been him in that state. and ted cruz is a catastrophe he did not even get 50% and his own state. he was way below 50% and he does not represent what we need and he does not represent us on trade and the other things that we need to make america great and to make buffalo great again.
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ok? he doesn't. in, i have been having like interesting turn. i have been a politician for nine months. can you believe this? although it has been interesting. but you know what, seriously, it takes guts to run for office like this. you know? i have never done it before. paul said i have one every single debate, which is always nice and i have been on center stage. we have been number one virtually since the time i announced because people know that not only are we going to get great crowds like this, this is crazy. you know, when they said we're going to take the arena up in buffalo, they said, do not do that it is a massive arena. look at this place. just take a look at this place. unbelievable. unbelievable. people know, and i have been
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saying it for years, that we are being ripped off worldwide by virtually every single country that we do business with. matteringle country, no what. you can look at everyone, you can call out a name. every single country that we do business with, we and up with a short and of the stick and it is going to end here. it is going to end. we are bringing our jobs back here. [crowd chanting "usa" and bracket -- [crowd chanting "usa"]
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trump: i want to talk for a second. i wrote this out. it is very close to my heart. i watched our policeman at the i saw thee center and greatest people i ever saw in action. the bravest people i have ever seen including construction workers, including every person down there. value ishat new york about. so i wrote out a little something and i would like to talk about the new york values that we all know so well. the values that make us love this state despite its problems. we love the state. we know it is going to come back. if i am president, it is going to come back so fast you will not even relieve it. you watch. has been a symbol of american strength to the world. where do we see the values? we see the values with our new york police and firefighters.
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enough credit. these are great, great people. great americans. we see it with the new york transit workers. you saw what they went through and you saw the strength and dedication. we see it with families go to your parks. central park, all of your parks. your books in buffalo. your parks not only a buffalo went to everynd i -- rochester, albany we had 20,000 people in albany in a marina -- in an arena like this. , tremendousendous spirit. you see it in restaurant workers and delis and fact free workers in upstate new york. we're going to bring them back. do not worry. you see it really in the whole fabric of the community and what are new york values?
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honesty and straight-talking. a lot of times people say, oh, you tell it to straight, mr. trump. i think that is what we like. that you think? you see it and our work ethic. we work hard and we are out. you see it in our family values and our families. you see it in the energy to get things done. you are about it all the time, the energy in the new york and the energy in new york state will stop we are builders. we make things. we have courage in and we do great, great jobs for our community. we have great community service and that is where you see it. were on york values display for all to see in the aftermath of 9/11. a strike at the heart of our city and our nation into an facts, the world. this was the worst hit our
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country has ever taken. worse than pearl harbor because when they attacked pearl harbor at least it was military. this was civilians. these were great people. everybody in this room practically new somebody that died or somebody that was horribly injured during that terrible day. but this was attack on civilians and this was the worst attack in the history of our country. and when you think about what we have done and how we have reacted, that is new york values, folks. that is new york values. and, you are right. we're going to build that wall. and we are going to build it, believe me. we are going to build a wall. we are going to build wall and mexico is going to pay for it and you know what to and i know it. moments as aarkest city, we showed the world the
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very best of america. the firefighters, first responders, authority workers. all of them who ran up those stairs knowing that the and could be very near. they knew it. they knew bad things were going to happen and they ran up those stairs and nobody came back. values, folks,k that is new york values. the chaplain of the new york city fire department who died toviding comfort and prayer the wounded and the fallen on 9/11, a good friend of many people in this room. he really displayed new york values and team new what was fathervery, very soon judge. whopeople in the towers helped rescue each other and
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those who perished knowing if they left earlier they could've gone out. they did not want to do it. they stayed. they helped other people. those are new york values. the restaurants and local businesses who kept their shops open to help the first responders and help people in need. those are first. i tell you what. there's a really the people when you think in terms of may values, the bravery. you never hear about somebody who left, who was running in the opposite direction. these people were going through terror and you know what happened. everyone who helped clear the rubble and i was there and i watched and i helped a little bit, but i want to tell you, those people were amazing. clearing the rubble, trying to find a additional lives. you did not know what was going to come down on all of us and they handled it. every small act of kindness. every great of courage. those are new york values.
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ok? when a guy like ted cruz talks about new york values, those are the values we want to talk about. let me tell you a couple things about why tomorrow is so important. because the system is rigged. it is not meant for a guy like me who is not taking any money from these special interest. i am self-funding my camp in. i came up there, i played to come up there. it is a rigged system, just like everything in government is rate. when you have a colorado or wyoming, in the case of colorado, they said there was no changes made. but there was. i announced, people saw i was going to do great in colorado
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and all of a sudden in august they changed the system. they took the vote away from the people of colorado. they did not give the vote to the people of wyoming. welli could have done very but you know, you have had it and you say, forget it. you can take them out to hotels, the delegates. you can take them on planes, you can do whatever you want to do. you know what? i said, no way. it we are going to get there. it is a rigged and corrupt system but we're going to get there and i believe we are to do it much more easily than people think and we are going to do it on the first ballot. we're going to get to that egg 1200 37 and when we do we are going to get a little bit of a race.
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they all say, if it is trump against clinton, that will be voter turnoutest in the history of the country. either way, that is a good thing. the more people that come the better. it is great because historically, our country has done very, very poorly and voter turnout. a lot of people do not vote. now, the republicans have increased almost 70% of what it was four years ago when mitt anney choked and he lost election that should have been one. that was an election that was theywaiting to be one and lost it. they blew it. same group, same people. they are happy as long as they keep their jobs. as long as they get their consulting money. same group, same everything. we're going to change a because we're going to win and we are going to beat crooked hillary so badly that your heads will spin.
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[crowd chanting "trump"] mr. trump: so let me just tell you, we are going along and we just had a great ball from fox and we had great holes from everything but against hillary, we're going to do so great. a trip to understand, folks, we have not even started with crooked hillary yet. we have not even started the game. only about two months ago i did say something and she went like that and then bernie got the credit for doing well. she said, i do not know if he is lost. believe me, i am no big fan of burning. no, no, that is ok.
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i am no fan of burning. his ideas are pretty bad. every week, bernie won, bernie won, bernie won. hillaryave got crooked with a crooked system and the pundits say, ernie has no chance. why doesn't he have a chance of he is winning? because the system is rigged. but we are going to one rigged the system and then we're going to clean up the system. ok? we're going to clean it up. in the case of the democrats, they have superdelegates. in our case it is worse because it is more sinister. it is harder to see but it is actually more devious and it is worse. we have millions of people who came out to vote for trumpet and they are not really voting for me, they are voting for what we want. we want great raid deals. we want a strong military.
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we want to take care of our vets. we want to beat isis and stop playing games. to repeal and replace obamacare. we want to protect our great second amendment, so important. want to end common core. and it. end it. end it. end it. common core and by flow and all the communities. it will be so much better. strongant to have great borders where people can come in but they have to come and legally. legally. they come in legally.
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[crowd chanting] [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and, we will build that wall. we will build that wall. on stage with these guys -- don't forget, we started off with 17 people and you know, i get a kick will stop a say, donald trump did not hit 50%. i am dealing with 16 people over here. eddie you hit 50? you have all these people appear. then you lose two, you lose another to calm they get it down to 10, they get it down to seven, i mean, give me a break. donald trump. i got 14 people up there.
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i am supposed to hit 50. but i one more states than anybody else. not even close. not even close. never will know but it is covered, -- and it is going to be interesting to see what happens because as i say, we're going to 1237i believe, because new york is looking great. it you have got to go vote. york, pennsylvania, maryland, we are looking so good. indiana is going to be great. i think, indiana. we are going to get out to california. i mean, we have a lot of stuff and i am going to work so hard. and my family said, dad why are you doing this question mark i said, is honestly, with he can do something that is so special. we are going to turn this country around. we're going to make the greatest trade deals ever made. strong,ing to become so
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so powerful, so rich, and you are going to be so proud of our country again. we are not going to be the dummies anymore. so, when i'm on the stage at one of the debates what if my folks come up, first of all, they all buildremember you cannot a wall. china build a wall 13,000 miles long 2000 years ago. 2000 years ago, the great wall of china. this is the great wall of trump i guess. i don't know. boy, what spirit the people of buffalo have, right? what spirit. and, you know, i have to tell you, sealed those cameras going on? every night they put us on life. live. live!
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a now anyone else like that. they like it live. some night i would like to have it not so live so we could really talk, folks. but these are the most. i am telling you. these are, well, let's see, lying ted. maybe it is pretty -- by the way, wouldn't it be interesting if ted cruz came in third tomorrow? wouldn't it? that would be -- honestly, i never thought i was going to see him as one of the last three people. i never thought it was going to happen. i never thought it was quite happen. i could name the other ones but i do not want to do it. i thought there were the other people before we had final victory. i did not expect to see, honestly i did not expect to see either of these two but that is ok. that is ok. so during the debates, the debate is ever come i had talked about mexico is going to the wall. i had to about the wall and a couple of adjustments came up to me and said, donald, you know
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you're not going to build a wall. i said, why not? they said, you can't the wall. really? why not much more coming why we can't? they said, i don't know. do you know how beautiful that is? concrete going. i tell you one thing, if anybody gets to the top of the trump wall, it is going to be a long wait down. .t is going to be a real wall they said, you cannot really build a well. and i said, but out the wall of china, i told them about the great wall of china i said look, over there, you're talking about 12 thousand, 13,000 miles. over here, you're talking about 1000 miles. there is 2000 but there are a lot of natural barriers and whatever. they said, you're never going to be able to build that. if i can build 6000 units in the
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middle of manhattan in the hudson river, i can guarantee you, i can guarantee you this is easy by comparison. have it up. stuff i with all of the environmental permits i had to get for so many different jobs all over the world, all over the world, on oceans. in scotland on oceans where they said, you will never be able to get the approval. i got the approval. in new york. in manhattan. in washington. in california. no matter where. the pacific. with all the -- with all i've done -- look, i borrowed $1 million and i turned it in a relatively short time into more than $10 billion. ok, folks? that is the number. one of the most iconic companies, some of the great assets anywhere in the world. all of the proposal filed. i had to file the papers. a couple of friends of mine, you know many of the great
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businessman supported me. by the way, we're going to use these people to negotiate with china college and, mexico. these are the best negotiators in the world. we have political hacks right now. this is a company with some of the greatest assets, most iconic assets in the world. very little debt, german discussion though. all of the proposal filed. the press was devastated. they went to see. it was a feeding renting. they were going to do a number and then they said, oh man. he really build a great company. they do notte, know. i am not saying that in a braggadocio's manner. i am saying this. this is the kind of thinking and at least for a time until we straighten things out big-league, that our country needs. so, you know, i am conservative but some of these conservatives,
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you have all of these people -- -- i had 55 -- i did not believe this, i saw it on television. of course you can never believe 100%. maybe there are. i thought was impossible, but it was a hell of a lot. during the golf tournament, and scott is winning and they said -- now for a commercial. and i had been watching for a week all of these. i said please, please, don't let there be a negative trump had before we present him with the trophy. so we had this great shot and then they said, we will be right back. trump add, trump at. the most negative. most of it is under a but not all. i said, turn the television saw. they were all over the greens. i said, get the televisions off. anyway, let me just tell you, 55,000 ads. -- 55,000.
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close to 100 million in negative ads. then you listen to john kasich and he said, nobody ever hit him with a not. as an as they run the first ad, that is the end of him. as it is they run some negative ads on ted cruz, and why would he be easy, that is the end of him. think about it. 55,000 ads and we are doing well. we are doing well. we're going to the new york and i amch no other -- talking about in the general election -- which no other candidate even has a chance. we are going to win michigan, we're going to win states that are not in play. there going to win florida big-late. you not in its order, folks? you know what they did in florida. so florida was rigged also. florida was rigged but he governor of florida, jeb bush, the ex-governor, pretty popular.
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nice guy. before, when i was competing a do not like him but now i do. does a nice guy. it is amazingly that happens. and marco rubio, one of them was going to win florida so what they did was they made the state, at the last moment, when her-take-all. 99 delegates. a cake which mark when i can take-all. then they had a problem because the poll came out and said trump is going to kill everybody. he is a 48 and these guys are at 17 and 12. they said, wait a minute this is a disaster. they looked at changing. i did not let them change. that this was a winner-take-allstate that i was supposed to be taking advantage of, ok? there's only one problem. i wanted i-20 points. we won it in a landslide and we got 99 delegates. ok? just remember. it works, folks.
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just remember we going to win and we're going to win and it could be we have to go longer but i do not think so because i see numbers that are very compelling. i will tell you this, we're going to win and once we win, our country is going to become so strong and so powerful again. you are going to be so proud of your president that i do not care about that. you're going to be so proud of your country once again. [crowd chanting "usa"] mr. trump: there is no place that is better or more fun or safer -- or safer -- remember that, there is no place that is better, more fun, or safer than a trump rally. nowhere.
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so, we are losing a lot of businesses. let's talk about businesses. you guys are being decimated. i tell you, let me handle it, we're going to make it so strong, so powerful, nobody is ever messing with us. we are taken care of our vets, all of that. but let's talk jobs. because in buffalo, we have to talk jobs. in indiana. and pennsylvania. i was just in pittsburgh, i had an unbelievable crowd. they need jobs. our jobs are going to mexico. you saw what happened with carrier air conditioner, right? now, nabisco is gone to mexico. ford, mexico. many other countries. it is becoming a mini china. i'm not angry. i'm not angry at the leaders of mexico. i am angry at the leaders of the
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united states for being so stupid. to allow this to happen. i could substitute many names. but we will use this. with carrier air-conditioning, i'm not buying them anymore. ity are laying off 14 -- and was done with a cell phone. one of the people getting fired, they are covering this mid-level type. it was nasty. to bed, you are all going in mexico, they have been there for 30 years in some cases and now they are gone. they're going to make air-conditioners and sell them back to the united states with no problems. it is not going to happen folks. it is not going to happen. there is going to be consequence. but ittold this before
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is so obvious and there are only semi-things you can save. could them before and it apply to hundreds of different companies. i say to my wife, i want to make this go on. she says, you must act more presidential. do we agree, folks. is easier.ential my daughter of vodka came up to me in the last debate. ivanka came out to me in the last debate. we love her. she said, dad, the presidential. be very presidential. i said, wait a minute. we have one every debate.
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i was very presidential and that debate and it worked out very well. i said, this is too easy. call carrier. can you imagine? the president of the united states of the united states calling for an air-conditioning company will stop the head of an air-conditioning company that did. do right by us, ok? i can give it to somebody but it is too quick, too easy. i am very natural at it, i am really good at it all stopped so here's the conversation and any one of these people, ted cruz, john kasich, they are controlled by their lobbyists. when are not stupid people there lobbyists is called, when ieir special interest call did not take any money.
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you might as well throw the money out the window, a waste. do you see what their consultants may? they can retire. and they lost. i will call or speak to or have someone call that i want to do it myself. i will call the president of the united states and i want to speak to the head of carrier. i get them on the phone. i will say, listen. congratulations on your move to mexico. i hope you have many years of good health and happiness and great, great productivity. and here's the story. every single air-conditioning unit that you make and you want to send across our now very, very powerful border, where by patrol, the border
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16,500 people endorse me last week and they have never done it before. and where sheriff joe arpaio, a great guy, and doors to me last month from arizona and there is nobody better or tougher or more fair than he is at the border, so i am saying, every unit that you make and you send across that order, you are going to pay 35% tax on not unit. unit.that in addition to a you are standing or sitting and look, everybody is standing. sit, but stand. it is more respectful. i tell you what is going to happen. i will get a call the next day from everybody.
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you know, the lobbyist. they never gave me any money. they know me. i don't need this. i am working for you. we're going to make america great again. that is what i want to do. what kind of a legacy? is that the coolest legacy. that is almost as good as owning the buffalo bills, right? so here's what happens, all saying forget them, forget them. then the head of carrier is going to call up and say, mr. president will you change her mind? i will say, absolutely not. 100%. i will be british hangup and he will say, mr. is that, we're not going to move. we are not going to leave the united states. 100%, folks. 100%. i have been watching corporate and version and i have been watching what is going on with these companies leaving the united states.
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the politicians do not even know what is happening. thes happening far faster and anybody can even discuss. headlines to do matter because there is nothing worse. we've got to stop it. likeay you stop it is that. i have been watching for four years, politicians negotiating. not they are bought and paid for by special interests. what is going to happen is they will never, ever come to the and how simple a conclusion., carrier, nabisco is moving out of chicago and they are moving where? to mexico. no more oreos. no more. so here's the story. here's the story. if we negotiate. number one, we have to work with our companies to keep them where they are. most importantly, we have to
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keep them in the united states. let's get them to move to buffalo, right? at them to move to buffalo. attract sogoing to much business. we right now have a trade deficit with mexico and $58 billion a year. not including all of the drugs that for across the border and poison our youth. we're going to stop and we let our great border patrol people go to work and when we build the wall. we're going to stop the drugs from going to buffalo and destroying our use. youth. so the conservatives, george bush used to get up and say, he is not a conservative. who cares? i am a conservative but i am a free trader.
12:00 am
you can only do this if you have good people representing your interests. either one of those situations is not except double. ok? it is not acceptable. have theing to toughest, smartest, sharp as business people in the world negotiating our trade deals. let me tell you. the world's most dishonest people. they cover it wrong all the time. it was asked to me about nato. it was asked on cnn. story. here is the never one, nato is obsolete. number two, they are not paying their fair share. they are not paying. they take advantage of us. as i said, you always have to be prepared to walk, but we will never have to walk. they owe us tremendous amounts
12:01 am
of money. many of these countries are very rich countries. i want them to pay up all the delinquency, all of the stuff in arrears. they are taking advantage of us because we have no respect for our leaders. $21 trillion.e at we will have a better presidentip with our right now and they will be even. japan,know, we protect we protect germany, with protect south korea, we protect saudi arabia, and we are dying with these deals. these are monster companies and countries. these are the biggest companies inthe biggest countries terms of economics.
12:02 am
i have buildings in south korea, great respect for japan, and germany, and saudi arabia. but we are protecting them. this isn't from years ago. we have to straighten out our country. they have to take care of us. . want to keep doing it i want to keep it going, but at some point they are laughing at us. i have friends in saudi arabia, i have friends in germany, i have many friends in south korea. every time that you order a television set, you order it from south korea. they are unbelievably successful countries. you have to help us out. they are going to pay. if we did not take care of saudi arabia, they wouldn't be there for six months and nobody has more money.
12:03 am
before the oil went down, saudi arabia was making $1 billion per day. we are losing a fortune. every single month they lose a fortune. you have to pay up and we want to get along with everybody. we are going to have something very special. i'm going against the bosses. i used to be one of the bosses in a certain way. nobody knows the game better than i don't. -- than i do. under the game so well, i can go to lobbyists who have cruz stamped on their forehead. you give them millions of dollars and they go produce the
12:04 am
vote in the vote could be bad for the country but it is good for the company they are representing. i have a friend who is a smart guy, and he said, i can't believe they have approved this deal. i can't believe he is that stupid. i said he's not stupid at all. he wasppened is contracted by special interests and lobbyists and he was told to do it. it is extremely adverse to the country, but it's good for him because they will be around for years and years. i never thought of it that way. there is no way that a deal like this could be made. so here is the story.
12:05 am
we are going to have better relationships with all of these ripoff countries. they are building military fortresses in the south china sea. going to have tough, smart trade deals. if you want a deal in china, they sent their stuff to us. if you want to do business in china it is virtually impossible to get your product in, and if you do, they tax you. and it isupid trade, not going to happen. because is a big day the thing i like most, we have these massive polls.
12:06 am
people may say, let's stay home. we had a movement going on like they say they have never seen in this country. time magazine covers it, and as much as the media treats the probably there has never been anything like this. never 35,000 people in mobile, alabama. we fill up everything. you will leave here and people , -- you're going to make sure that all your friends go vote. [applause] remember thisto evening. you're going to remember more importantly tomorrow and the vote.
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going to look back in four years,12 years, and 25 and you will say that is the greatest single vote i ever cast. as soon as we beat hillary clinton, we will start winning again. legal win on tr -- we will win on trade. we will win on isis. we are going to knock the hell out of them fast. we will rebuild our military. we will make our military so strong, so powerful. you will be proud again. the vets have given me such support, the military has given me such support. what is happening with our military is a disgrace. nobody will mess with us. vets.l take care of our we will win on the borders, we
12:08 am
will win on health care with common core ending and bringing it back local. we will take care of our second amendment. if we had guns on the other side , ifhe room in los angeles in paris they had guns with bullets firing the other way, you would not have had 130 people absolutely decimated and killed, and hundreds in the hospital. it would have been a whole diff erent story. we will take care of our second amendment. folks you will look back, and you will see, we will start winning, winning, winning. this is my last big speech in
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new york so i can say it the way that i want to say it. we will win at every element, we will win with the military, we will win with everything. we will win so much that you will get tired of winning, you will say from buffalo, please, we don't want any more business. we are making too much money. the matter what you do. we don't want to win anymore. i will say, sorry, we are going to keep winning. win, and we win, will make america great again. america first, folks. america first. thank you, buffalo. we love you buffalo! thank you. ♪
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